Dr. K. Bailey, Dr. D. Huffman, Dr. S. Roszell, Dr. D. Biondi

465 Grand Ave. W., Chatham

Chatham 519-352-3210

Dr. S. Munro, Dr. J. Wheeler Dr. A. Moazzam

465 Grand Ave. W., Chatham


Dr. H. Milkovic, Dr. Z. Milkovic

20 Emma St. Suite 103


Dr. D. Eaton

26 Erie St., Wheatley


Dr. D. Miller

20 Emma St. Suite 103



Jillian Mallory, Nurse Practitioner

Angie Taves, Nurse Practitioner

465 Grand Ave. W., Chatham

519-354-0070 ext. 602


Dr. J. Wolting
465 Grand Ave. W., Chatham

Dr. D. Watterrud
465 Grand Ave. W., Chatham

Dr. D. Matsusaki
465 Grand Ave. W., Chatham

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Our Family Health Team offers evening clinic appointments Monday to FridayContact your Primary Care Provider to book your appointment or If you would like more information on our evening clinics, please contact your physician’s office today for details!


What is considered urgent?
Urgent matters
include but are not limited to sore throat, fever, earache, etc. Also if a chronic disease condition changes suddenly - for example, a congestive heart failure patient experiences sudden swelling in the legs, it is important that this patient be seen the same day. Please note that these night clinics are not intended for non-urgent matters such as prescription renewals, completion of forms, physicals, etc.

Can I book my appointment more than a day in advance?
No, these appointments are set aside for urgent matters only. Also, there may be a last minute change in physician coverage and location so appointments can only be booked same day.

How do I know where to go for the clinic?
If your family doctor has booked you into night clinic they will advise you where the clinic is being held that evening.

Is it like a walk-in clinic? Can I just drop in?

No, all appointments need to be booked in advance with the physician’s office. And all those being seen must be a patient of the following physicians: Dr. H. Milkovic, Dr. Z. Milkovic, Dr. Munro, Dr. Wheeler, Dr. Wolting, Dr. Watterud, Dr. Bailey, Dr. Huffman, Dr. Roszell, Dr. Eaton, and Dr. Miller,  Dr. Moazzam, Dr. Biondi

Why don’t I just go to the nearest Emergency Department or Walk-In Clinic for my daughter’s sore throat?
It’s important to know that all of your patient information is accessible (electronically) to the physician working at our evening clinics, even if you are not his/her patient. They can look up your medical history (i.e., medication, recent tests results). They already have a collegial relationship with your physician because they work together as part of team and we can provide you with the best seamless, comprehensive care.  An outside walk-in clinic or Emergency Department cannot access your patient information. Also, by coming to our evening clinics when possible, it allows Emergency Departments to focus on providing care to those who require emergency care, and this will help to reduce the emergency department wait times as well.

or present to your nearest local emergency department

Program Guide

NOPE “Not One Puff… Ever”- Relapse prevention program for successful graduates of the Breaking the Chains group or any individual who is a former smoker and needs extra support to remain smoke free. (Open)


Breathe Well Pulmonary (lung) Rehabilitation Program- 30 minutes of education on a specific breathing related topic & 60 minutes of exercise tailored to every person.(Open)


FHT Challenge- Begin to lead a healthier life! Topics covered include: diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, diet & nutrition, exercise, healthy weights & weight loss strategies, & stress. Group sessions & individual follow ups. (Closed)


Craving Change - A group based approach to help to help deal with emotional eating habits.  The reasons behind eating habits that do not come from hunger such as stress or bordom.  Looks at strategies to find the root causes, and also strategies to build new habits to gradually overcome this.  Pleas enote this is not a group designed for diagnosed eating dosorders. (Open)


A Good Life with Diabetes - For our diabetic patients who are looking for more support. Diabetes education including: diet, exercise, medications and with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques to help you take control and live a better life with diabetes. (Open)


Single Session - Just drop in and talk to one of our registred & highly trained social workers. Offered Wednesdays,. Just say “I am here for Single Session”. (Closed)


Beyond the Pain - Information group to discuss pain management, suggest methods & tactics to deal with chronic pain, develop action plans, & provide hope based on real change. (Open)


Parenting the Adolescent- Education & support group for parents. information on behavior modification, avoiding power struggle, regaining authority, & feeling good about yourself as a parent. Peer support, guidance and encouragement. (Open) 


Inspire Rewire - 6 week program to learn how to rewire your mind. Change your body by just a few weeks of committed learning about stress reduction and relaxation. (Open)

Caregiver Support Group - Support for caregivers and loved ones with an injury, disability or illness, or you are, or have cared for someone and this role stays in your mind. Drop in program offered once a month. (Open)


Mastering Your Mood(CBT) - Feeling sadness, worry, anger, or guilt?  Work on challenging your reactions to situations and negative thinking.  Turn down the volume of your negative emotions.  Start setting small attainable goals to help feel better.(Open)


Weekly Meditation Group - A partnership with Caleb village.  The benefits of meditation are numerous and well researched. (Open)  


Dialectical Behavioral Therapy - Is useful for people who find themselves in chronic distress due to difficult, paiful emotions.  These emotions may result in unstable relationships, difficulty coping, or harmful behavios.  DBT provides skills for emotion regulation, distress, tolerance, mindfulness, and interpersonal effectiveness. (Closed)


Brain Aerobics Group- A Fun and interactive group for seniors to learn & participate in activities to exercise the mind.(Open)


Memory and Aging Program- Workshop aimed at people of retirement age who are interested in learning about memory changes that normally occur with age.


Learning the ROPES with MCI-  Aimed at community dwelling older adults experiencing more issues with their memory than expected, and their family and friends. support, memory training and optimizing cognitive health through lifestyle choice. (Open)


Finding Balance- Education sessions aimed at helping seniors maintain their safety & independence in their homes. (Open)  


Boosting Balance & Bone Health- Group designed to gradually improve balance and strength, avoid falls & maintain independence. (Open)


Stand Up Turn Your Back On Falls - Includes group and home exercises as well as information sessions on falls prevention.  This program enhances older people's quality of life with the capacity to improve balance, boost confidence regarding falls, and maintain regular practice of physical activity amoung seniors. (Open)


Baby Leads- For families during pregnancy and with young babies. Connect and share with other parents for education & support.(Open)


(Closed) - Thamesview Family Health Team patients only. 
(Open) - Open to the Public