Maternity Care

The Thamesview Family Health Team provides comprehensive primary health care for patients throughout their lives. This includes care during pregnancy, labour, and post-partum. Five physicians within our team provide intra-partum (labour and delivery) care and make up the “Thamesview Maternity Care Group”. These physicians attend low-risk women from the beginning of pregnancy, through labour and delivery at the Chatham Kent Health Alliance, and post-partum.

Maternity Care BabyThe mothers and families supported by this group can be patients from within the Thamesview Family Health Team, or referred by other primary care providers to Thamesview for their maternity care. Mothers can also self-refer to the group for maternity care by visiting or calling the Thamesview Family Health Team. Prenatal appointments take place at Thamesview and all deliveries take place at the Chatham Kent Health Alliance.

Most of the time, the physician who follows a mother in pregnancy will be the physician present for the delivery of her baby. All physicians within the Thamesview Maternity Care Group are experienced in supporting the normal, physiologic process of labour and delivery as well as common complications that can arise during this time. We prioritize skin-to-skin contact after delivery, provide breastfeeding support, and assist with performing Caesarean sections when they are required.

Our mandate is to offer comprehensive, patient-centred care to mothers, families, and babies as they grow together.

  • Dr. Kate Bailey
  • Dr. Jackie Wolting
  • Dr. Lindsey Sutherland

To be referred for maternity care, please have your nurse practitioner or family physician complete the referral form below. For self referral, please call 519-354-3200.


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Maternity Referral Form