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The goal of the Lung Health Program is to improve the respiratory health and quality of life for our patients with asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and other chronic lung conditions.

When you are referred to the Lung Health Program, you will meet with our respiratory therapist (RT) who will perform a full respiratory assessment, including a breathing test (spirometry). You will receive one on one counselling and education about your lung condition (i.e. asthma, COPD) and you will learn how to control your symptoms, avoid triggers that make your breathing worse, tools for monitoring your breathing, and how to use your puffers properly.

The Breathe Well COPD Education and Exercise Program

This program is an 8 week group program which incorporates exercise and education and is facilitated by a respiratory therapist and an occupational therapist.

The Breathe Well Pulmonary (Lung) Rehabilitation Program involves 30 minutes of education and discussion on a specific breathing related topic as well as 60 minutes of exercise tailored for every person. It is an 8 week program that meets twice a week.

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