Public Health Information


The Thamesview Family Health Team dietitian conducts nutritional assessments, counseling, and education for patients with nutrition related diseases and health conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, COPD, heart health diseases, and diabetes. Thamesview FHT also offers group based education and learning about healthy eating habits and coping strategies through educational programs such as:

Craving Change

A group based approach to help dealing with emotional eating habits. The reasons behind eating habits that do not come from hunger such as stress or boredom. The program offers strategies to find the root causes and how to build new habits to overcome emotional eating. Please note this is not a group designed for those diagnosed with an eating disorder. Open to the public. For more information / to register call 519-354-0070

Healthy You Lifestyle Group

This group helps people achieve better health through good food choices, increased physical activity and feeling better about themselves.  In this 6 week long group you will learn about the benefits of self care and how to support multiple aspects of your health, how to become more in tune with your body and learn to respond to natural cues.  You will learn powerful skills that can help support health goals, to find balance and heal your relationship with food.  Open to the public.  For more information / register call 519-354-0070.

A Good Life with Diabetes

This group is an 8 week group aimed at our diabetic patients who need extra support. If you have an A1C above 10% and have difficulty with lifestyle recommendations or joining therapy, this program may be for you! It will combine diabetes education including diet, exercise, medication, and foot care with cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques to help you take control and live a healthier life. Open to the public. For more information / to register call 519-354-0070

FHT Challenge

A program designed to challenge our patients to lead healthier lives. Areas covered are: diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, nutrition, exercise, weighs and weight loss strategies, and stress. If you have any of these concerns, or are at risk, then this may be the program for you! The program entails three group sessions followed by an individual follow-up with the Family Health Team’s registered nurses and registered dietitian tailored to your individual needs. It is only open to the patients of Thamesview FHT. For more information / to register call 519-354-0070


Heart Health

A program designed to provide individual group guidance and support to help patients bring their blood lipid levels (cholesterol) within agreed upon normal ranges.

Referrals to nutrition programs or individual counseling sessions can occur through your family physician at 519-354-0070 ext. 602